Monday, May 07, 2012

I Quit Coffee and Survived!

It's been a month.

I am alive!

Yes I did it, I stopped drinking coffee. I mostly drank it in the morning and I was addicted to caffeine to get me going.

I have not replaced it with any caffeine filled drinks either, at any part of the day.

A main reason I quit was I enjoy my coffee with half and half and felt I may drop a few pounds if I stopped using it. Also half and half has no good health benefits and only negatives. I actually did drop three pounds from that. Sadly the bed rest and sitting down a lot while recovering from the dog bite injury has made me gain them back. I can't wait to exercise!

I also was hoping maybe the reduction in acid filled drinks would help me health-wise. I have felt intuitively that maybe my system is too acidic. Stress in my life adds acid to my stomach so I don't need any more added!

Lastly, it should help my rosacea and bad complexion which kicked up when I moved to Texas.

It is a wonderful thing to wake up full of energy and raring to go. I never felt that way when I was having a cuppa joe every morning.