Monday, July 22, 2013

Signed Up To Take My First Art Classes

This summer while my sons were away at Boy Scout camp I decided to do something for myself and take some art classes. I have never taken a class before.

I chose this because this Houston Artist Expo was right in my town, less than a ten minute drive, with free parking, and in a really nice hotel. And because it was while my kids were away and I had free time in my schedule. You can't get more convenient than right in my town.

In looking at the brochure it seemed most classes were formal decorative arts classes. There was a range of beginner to advanced. It looked crafty. I mean to say, it seemed on the surface that we would recreate something the teacher did in their own style. That bothered me.

The classes I selected were:

Encaustic Painting for beginners: I have always wanted to try this. I didn't like the project but I wanted to learn and try it.

Fusing Glass: I assumed this was with shards of glass but it was with a glass powder that you wet with a medium then paint it on to clear glass

Scarf dying: using cold dye, no heating, no fixing

Collage mixed media with acrylic painting landscape: using a photo of our choice that has personal meaning to us

Geisha collage with watercolor and using decorated napkins as the collage paper

This was my first time also to make art in a group. Formerly I have been self-taught and make art by myself or just with my kids in the room.

I will blog about each of these individually with photos in the near future.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Free Article on Plein Air Painting

Artist's Network article. If you sign up to receive free emails they send free articles. This is the second free article in one week that I have received.