Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Update With Me

I have been too busy to make ATCs.

I camped out with my son at Cub Scout Camp.
We went on a family trip to Cape Cod with relatives.
I've had two relapses of Lyme Disease.
I restarted homeschooling my children.
I have been catching up on housework and decluttering which built up while I was sick.
I held the family party for my older son's birthday.

I miss making art. Can't wait to get back to it.

I am not up to date with reading chat lists about ATCs. After I decided to not read all the emails due to the negativity, even more negative threads came up.

One good thing was that when I got home from my trip the latest issue of Art and Life published by Teesha Moore was waiting for me. Reading that helped inspire me again to create and do what I want.

I received a random act of kindness ATC in the mail a few days ago, what a big surprise.

Due to Blogger's new rule about only accepting uploads of image files of 50 dpi that means yet another extra step of work on my part to share my ATC images with you. Sorry but I've not had time to do that lately.

I am more up to date wTechnorati Tags: , .ith my other blog, oh well.

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