Saturday, February 17, 2007

Making ATCs Like Crazy Lately

The other day I made nine angel themed ATCs. These were last minute ATCs for an angel themed swap. I did get them out just in the nick of time, on the "due to mail" date.

Last night I sat down to make some butterfly themed ATCs and finished four. I made them in a block of four then cut it apart afterwards.

This morning I went to work on "Garfield and Friends" themed ATCs and made and finished six. They are one big block right now and will be cut into six ATCs tomorrow.

This afternoon I worked on a "junk mail" themed ATC swap. I made a block collage that is the size of six ATCs.

Tonight I worked on more ATCs that are comprised of 100% junk mail but also are made in the abstract style. I am not sure if I will use these for the junk mail ATC swap or the abstract ATC swap.

Tomorrow I need to do some scanning of these larger collages. Then I will cut them into ATCs, scan those, then prepare some for mailing out.

One reason I am pushing myself to do these is I found out I have to go out of state to help a relative and that is right in the middle of a time when some ATC swaps are due to be mailed out. It is too hard to make ATCs while visiting that relative and when I am there I have no Internet access. My goal is get these done and out in the mail before I leave. Also due to this trip I went to Swap-bot and dropped out of some of the swaps that I had signed up for, to lighten my load.

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