Monday, November 05, 2007

Haiku Monday 11/05/07

We didn’t quite know
If that breath was his last one
Finally it was

It was my first time
Seeing someone pass on
Right in front of me

I am so happy
That we were all by his side
Loving him. Good-bye.

Hospice staff was great
I don’t know how they do it
Always around death

The worst thing of all
Is seeing someone suffer
It is just not right

But death was welcome
The suffering is over
He is in peace now

The wake is today
Lots of Kleenex will be used
I’m bracing myself

All haiku by ChristineMM 11/05/07
Haiki for CMP Circle Monday Haiku prompt

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Jessica Chapman said...

That was a wonderful poem... I saw this earlier on the CMP site and wanted to comment here. It's great! Sad... but very well written :)