Thursday, October 09, 2008

How Much?

I had not purchased new yarn in a yarn shop in over two months.

I went in to the local yarn shop to buy a soft wool yarn (one skein) to make a hat for my husband.

Noro makes my favorite yarns. The colors are to die for.

I want to make a hat for myself out of a Noro yarn. It cost $20 for one skein (160 meters).

I really, really want a Noro sweater. Today while online I figued out that Noro sells patterns. However to make a sweater with new Noro yarn will cost me $140-$200 in yarn alone.

I feel as if I've been tortured.

Do people really spend over $100 on skeins of yarn to make one sweater?

I think I have been spoiled by the prices of factory made sweaters sold in stores.


If you don't know what the Noro yarns look like here is a link to a site selling books of patterns. By clicking on each book you can see numerous photos of projects made with these Noro yarns.

I have been using "World of Nature" Kureyon, I just bought some Iro and Kochoran.


livnletlrn said...

Yes, I have spent over $100 on yarn to make one sweater.

More than once. :-)

Sometimes (honestly, most of the time) knitting isn't a money saver, but when you figure out the number of hours of entertainment/challenge/satisfaction/joy you'll get for the dollars invested in those skeins, and a high quality piece of long-lasting knitwear to boot, the cost per hour is very reasonable.

Here's a reasonably good substitute for Noro, at a fraction of the price:

Sometimes you can catch Noro on closeout at Webs:

livnletlrn said...

According to Franklin at,
Another Noro Kureyon knockoff is Kaleidoscope from Elegant Yarns: Runs ~$8/skein.

Doesn't look like there's a local distributor, but the savings per ball could easily make a shipping charge worthwhile.