Sunday, November 02, 2008

Rip It Good!

I have no current knitting projects.

The focus now is on frogging thrift store sweaters. Last month I did one cashmere sweater. I finished the second cashmere sweater last night. I then began ripping a bulky cream colored wool sweater last night.

My older son loves to help me. He likes ripping out the stitches. I've been winding them around a Sterlite plastic bin that is about 12x18 inches in size.

Today while out I'm going to buy a clothes drying rack as we don't own one and I've improvised in the past. I will use this to dry sweaters that I've washed, to dry wet pieces of machine felted or hand felted wool, and to hang skeins of frogged recycled yarn on to dry.

I've not washed or hung the recycled yarn yet as I have no where to hang it.

I've been taking photos and after will share the before, during and after shots.


livnletlrn said...

Yay for reclaimed yarn! Pretty soon, I'll be starting a pair of felted slippers for Jesse, from wool from a free J. Crew sweater.

Meanwhile, since cost of some yarns has come up here before, I thought you might find the comments on a recent Wendyknits post to be of interest:

christinemm said...

Today I splurged at the bookstore for Craft magazine and so far have seen 3 projects inside that use old sweaters felted and made into other new stuff.

Also there is tote bag made of an old t-shirt.

The issue #9 is about green crafts which is mostly repurposing old stuff into something new.