Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Block Play


1. They have blocks available

2. They have space to build structures

3. They have limited screen time

4. They have time to play


They will build with wooden blocks.

Even at ages 11 and 8.

It is true.

It is not baby play, as they grow older their constructions get more imaginative, more complex, and sometimes more structurally precarious and engineering-physics-boundary-testing.

Younger son's creation (using imagination for a pretend building inspired by the LEGO catalog)--

Older son still loves symmetry (sorry Blogger turned it sideways...)--

Older son's creation (pretty complicated, more about testing limits and being elaborate than pretend worlds at this stage)--

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1 comment:

Jessica C said...

Love it. I really need to get Camden some building blocks. And I need to limit the screen time too.