Saturday, September 07, 2013

Using Clay in Cold Process Soap

This is a helpful article that discusses the different types of clay that can be used in cold process soapmaking. I used bentonite clay for the first time two weeks ago in cold process soapmaking. The main inspiration was for the clay to act as an anchor for the essential oils. EOs are supposed to stay stronger and last longer if they have a clay to grab onto. I read elsewhere that bentonite clay adds a slip to the soap which is good or shaving. For that reason it is used in shaving bars of soap for men. It will work great for me in teh shower for shaving my legs and my underarms. I actually bought the bentonite clay a couple of years ago an intended to use it to make homemade facial masks. It has sat in my cupboard untouched until now. Bentonite clay turned my soap a bit green but both batches also happened to have some grapeseed oil which is green and is green enough to turn the entire batch of soap green. On its own bentonite clay can turn the soap green. I am using the bentonite clay at a rate of 1 Tablespoon per pound of soap.

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