Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Creative Block Last Night

Last night after dinner I declared to my family, that I wanted to have some alone time in the kitchen in order to make some ATCs, and no one protested, hooray!

I have signed up for two swaps that required signing up and being assigned a topic to feature on the ATC and I wanted to work on them.

One swap that I signed up for is a ‘distressed alphabet’ swap. I thought I had responded quickly after it was announced but I was the second to last person to sign up for letters, and ended up with Y and Z (the other set left had X in it). I have to make 14 ATCs for each letter. The ATC must represent the letter or an item that starts with the letter and the ATC must have some distressed elements in it. I am thinking of doing them all alike, which is allowed, as the idea of making 28 completely unique alphabet themed ATCs is mind-boggling. Each player in the swap will receive back a full alphabet deck of ATCs. One of our ATCs goes to the hostess for her to keep.

The other swap I signed up for ahead of time is a number swap. I have to make 10 ATCs which all feature the number 1 in some way, shape or manner.

I went through all of my rubber stamps and would you believe I don’t have any stamps for an object that begins with the letters Y or Z? I was also looking for an image that I could use for the number 1, such as one ball, or something like that. However the more I thought of numbers the more I got confused. If I used a flower image, would they get ‘1 flower’ or would they notice there were 6 petals? One person’s face could also mean “2 eyes” or other numerical things.

I began thinking of using some Dover copyright free images from books that I own of images of zebras for the Z ATCs. I could print them on my (black ink) laser computer printer and make transfers with them. I began thinking of background papers but since I didn’t haul everything out I wasn’t getting very far.

I also noted there were no Y images in the three Dover copyright free image books/CD ROM sets that I own. Groan.

So I went to bed without coming close to making any ATCs!

This morning I woke up with an idea for a background for the Z ATCs. Perhaps I’ll find the time today to make some ATCs. No, I will have to make the time in order for it to get done. Let’s hope I don’t let reading emails suck away all of my time this morning!

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Heidi said...

Don't limit yourself to nouns. Yards (rulers or grass), yam, you, Ypisilanti Michigan

Adjectives: Yellow, young/youth, yappy

Verbs: Yell, yodel, yank

Interjections: Yikes! Yuck! Yippee! Yummy!

Know much about Yin and Yang?

Can you tear a page from a dictionary? Look up botanical names in Latin?

or just visit Creativethink.com for a bit

christinemm said...

Wow thanks for those ideas!

I will check out that site also as I had not heard of it before!