Monday, August 07, 2006

Candy Collage Made on Memorial Day

We had a very busy Memorial Day which included watching a parade at which the float riders tossed candies to the children who were spectators.

When we got home I was happy to sit in a comfortable chair and to unwind by making this collage.

My sons were sitting at the table with me eating some of their candy. I was inspired by the bright colors to use some of the wrappers to make a collage with. The intention was to make a collage which would then be sliced into four ATCs.

Here is the finished collage before it was cut up.

The base was a recycled cardboard box of some kind. I then added a background of very colorful mylar which came as part of an Easter basket thing imported from Italy. It was this cool thing that apparently they do in Italy, a giant wrapping of colorful mylar with a hollow chocolate candy egg inside. You smash the egg and inside of that is a toy for the child! They were selling those eggs at a local Italian import grocery store. There were hundreds of them hanging from the ceiling. I was very tempted to take a photo but was too shy to actually do it. I vow to do it next year. Anyway my children were given these as gifts from their grandparents.

Added to the collage were various pieces of paper from our real lives. There is a label from a t-shirt we had just purchase "glow in the dark". There is part of a Girl Scout cookie box. There are a bunch of candy wrappers as I mentioned earlier.

You can see a tiny baseball card that appeared out of who knows where. I used cancelled postage stamps from my recent mail as well as one that came from the postage stamp collecting company.

I had recently experimented with embossing rubfer stamps for the first time and had some left overs from those experiments. One was made onto a tea bag wrapper. Others were made onto backgrounds from magazine ads and mail order company catalog pages.

I had just been working on some ATCs with a heart on top of a map background in which I put the words "Love makes the world go 'round." I had left over scraps from that and added them.

Unfortunately I am having problems uploading the individual scans of the ATCs, so I'll just publish this for now.

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