Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Made Some Distressed Alphabet ATCs

I signed up for participation in an ATC swap called "Distressed Alphabet". Each player was assigned two letters. I had to make 13 ATCs for each of my letters.

I thought I signed up very quickly but by the time I signed up what was offered to me was Y & Z (not easy), the next choice being X & V. I kept Y & Z.

I procrastinated on making these ATCs. I also was in an art slump. I also have been in a slump about chatting about ATCs and overwhelmed by negativity from that ATC chat list.

I did go 'no mail' on that chat list and finally did sit down to make these ATCs last week.

Over four sessions I spread the work of making these ATCs. My six year old son joined in and I let him use the sandpaper and emory board on some of the ATCs. He only ruined a few, by getting carried away. It was a good thing I was making extra ATCs!

I did scan the ATCs before I sent them out last week. I hope to find time to resize the dpi so I can upload the images here to Blogger. At that time I will share about the actual process.

It feels great to be back to making art and ATCs.

I am so busy now with homeschooling the kids that I have little time for ATC making and I am beginning to feel resentful about it.

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