Saturday, July 05, 2008

Second Knitting Project in Process

Here is my second knitted project which was supposed to be a handbag but is now a tote bag. This was knitted with wool yarn then machine felted (fulled).

Here is a photo of the knitted project before I hand sewed the three edges together to form a tote bag shape. Note the huge size. This actually fit around my waist at the small end and flared outward like a mini skirt! My husband said I should keep it as a shawl and my boys wanted to keep it as a lap blanket.

This was supposed to be a rectangle. Between accidental increases and the different gauges of the yarns this ended up uneven.

Here is the bag after it was machine felted (which I did last night). I plan to buy handles at a local yarn shop and attach them. This is about 8 inches at the bottom and flares out for the top/open end.

Here is a close up of the felted area. Is this not yummy?

I also realized that two of the yarns were too nice to have felted. I feel they were wasted by felting them. One was a fantastic hand painted wool from a farm in Vermont with luscious colors. The other was a super chunky yarn with green and gold colors, the uniqueness of that yarn was lost in the felting process. Lesson learned.

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livnletlrn said...

That's a LOT of knitting practice. Good for you! And yay for viewing the unexpected shape as a happy accident!