Saturday, July 05, 2008

Third Knitting Project in Process

I began my third knitted project while away on vacation last week.

I am using Reynolds Lopi wool yarn which I purchased at The Needle Shop in Westport, Connecticut.

If you look closely you can see that the blue wool has threads of red and light blue and green in it. Even my husband noticed that and thought it was cool.

I casted on 45 stitches on a #13 needle. I am still so new to knitting that I only know the knit stitch so this bag is being done all in the garter stitch. (See I am getting the knitting terminology down!)

Here is the piece after one skein of yarn was completed. This photo was taken on the dashboard while driving down the highway (I was a passenger, don't worry).

I think my stitches are coming out pretty even now.

Right now I've knitted 2.5 skeins onto this project. All this work was done while away on vacation in "in between times" like when I was a passenger in the car or waiting for a meal to be served at a restaurant. Knitting in public elicited a few comments from wait staff. I was told knitting is not really done in Pennsylvania. I think the owners of Uncommon Threads in York which I patronized while in PA would disagree with that.

This bag will be machine felted (fulled) when completed.

I plan to use just this one color and sew it into a rectangle shaped handbag with a flap going over the front. I am making this pattern up myself. I know it is very simple. My goal with this is to use just one yarn so the gauge will be the same and so it will remain in a good straight rectangle shape. I think I will use a button as a closure. I am undecided as to what kind of handle this will have, if I will knit it or if it will be purchased and made of bamboo or wood.


livnletlrn said...

Looks like you've managed to eliminate the accidental decreases, so that's a big plus. Nice yarn choice!

christinemm said...

Livnletlrn thanks for all the compliments and encouragment!!