Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Drive Through Photography: Yale University Campus, March 2006 Part One

Drive Through Photography: Yale University Campus Part One

I am doing this in two parts because Blogger has been giving me error messages for days when I try to upload more photos than are already here.

Here are some of the results of my first "Drive Through Photography" experience. I took these photos in March 2006. I was going through a very busy time and a stressful time. I had just left Yale where I finally received the good news that "abnormalities" on my mammogram and breast ultrasound which had been tracked for two years were NORMAL breast tissue. I was so excited. I had a burst of creativity and got an idea. As my husband drove away from the doctor's office building I got an idea to stick the digital camera outside the window of the car and take random photos to see what would come out. Since there is a little delay in when I hit the button to take the photo, I never know what will come out. Also the fact that the camera is being stuck out the car's window doesn't guarantee and even or straight alignment.

So here are some images of the Yale University campus in New Haven, Connecticut as my husband and I drove down the streets of New Haven while we drove away from the doctor's office. It was raining lightly when I took these photos.

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