Thursday, June 01, 2006

My ATCs: Spanish Text Swap, Part One

I participated in an ATC swap called "Spanish Swap" in May 2006. The hostess mailed us twelve pages with Spanish text on them. We had to create ten ATCs using these pages.

Right now I will share three of the ATCs that I made with the Spanish text pages that the hostess sent me. I hope to share more when the Blogger photo uploading function is working properly (right now I am getting error messages).

These are mixed media collages. These first three were made by using background paper of watercolor paper which I painted with watercolor paint. I then made a packing tape transfer of the image and some Spanish writing and affixed it to the ATC.

The first two are just the packing tape transfer on top of the watercolor painted paper.

For the third I added extra pieces of paper from the book page in Spanish which was a medical book about bones, disorders of bones and fractures of bones. As you can see the use of the packing tape transfer piece (from the same book) looks so different than when using the actual text and images from the same book.

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