Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My ATCs: Spanish Text Swap, Part Four

Here is another ATC I made for the Spanish text-only swap. The hostess sent me a page with instructions on giving CPR.

One of the challenges with the swap was that most of the images that the hostess sent me were large, too large to fit in their entirety on the ATC.

The other text she sent was text-only. I translated some of the text and there were pages of poetry. The poems I received were odd, one was about a wounded solider who was in love, suffice it to say I had a hard time coming up with illustrations to literally match the text. The other text she provided me with was a Spanish translation of The Odyssey. I was not in the mood to hunt down ancient Greek images and work with that.

Anyway, here is another I made ATC, of CPR. I used different colored (rubber stamp) ink on a stipple brush to add a pink color to this white page. I then cropped the image and mounted it on top of a handmade paper (made in India and purchased at A.C. Moore) in a coordinating color.

I hope the person who received it doesn't think it is too boring. I like it!

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