Saturday, June 03, 2006

My ATCs: Spanish Text Swap, Part Two

Here are two more Spanish text ATCs that I made for a Spanish-only text ATC Swap that I participated in, in May 2006. These are mixed media collages.

I had blogged about these ATCs in the past when I had creative block with them. Here are the finished pieces!

The background started off with Spanish text pages which the hostess had ripped from a book. I used acrylic craft paint (nothing fancy) which I watered down with water to make a wash to paint over it (which is called an acrylic wash). I also used some custom tinted acrylic glazes. I used a stipple brush to apply the paint. There are several different metallic colors of paint used here. I then rubber stamped the image onto the ATC. I don't know the brand of this rubber stamp as I bought it used in a 'lot' on eBay (from a woman who was really into crafting who died suddenly!). I didn't like the way the stamp came out so I re-did it using embossing powder.

On the first one, I then added the phrase 'el sol' by printing it off on my computer then painting that and adhering it to the ATC. Now that I look at it I realized I probably should have used a different color on the 'el sol' piece, oh well.

The second one, I botched by blobbing paint on that looked horrible. To save it I cropped out the mistake part and made it smaller. I then adhered it to a background of black handmade paper from India. I then adhered that to another background paper. I think it came out well. I really want to stress that I'd never have done this type of shape ATC as I usually just don't do that (no specific reason) but I did this to save it from being ruined. I think it came out nice.

These are sealed with Golden Acrylic Gel Medium, soft, in gloss.

I continue to have problems uploading scans to Blogger so for today I give up and am sick of wasting my time, so I can only share these two with you today!

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