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My ATCs: Blue Block Collage

My ATCs: Blue Block Collage

A few days ago I shared the scan of the blue block collage before cutting it. I made that collage knowing it woudl be cut into ATCs but truly not deciding where to put things based on the fact that it would end up being four separate collages in the end. Therefore the focus of each ATC is not a perfect collage composition in some people'e eyes.


Here is the ATC in the upper left hand corner of the blue block collage, 1st ATC. This one has four elements which were given to me as hostess gifts by other ATC swappers: the Bingo card, the two frog die-cut's and the play money dollar bill. The butterfly is rubber stamped on a background that I had painted as part of other ATC playing I did months ago and the scrap was kept. The little 'Mary had a little lamb' is a very flimsy child's playing card game received as a birthday goody bag from a party that my children attended. It is too flimsy to really use as a game but it is perfect for use in collage!

Here is the second ATC. This shows some of the background which is a New York Yankees promotional brochure we received in the mail. The Jiffy box (muffin mix), letters, play money dollar bill, and die cuts were RAK gifts from other ATC swappers. There is a little of the butterly. The foreign language text is left over from a children's game which came withe self-assembly parts in many foreign languages. The message "Listen with your heart" is from a Dove chocolate candy which I was given at a La Leche League workshop and just had to keep to use in a collage! Love the message!

Here is the 3rd ATC from the left bottom corner of the block collage. This one is all RAK stuff, one more piece of foreign language from the child's game, and another flimsy playing card game piece with a donkey on it. There is a piece of a rooster which is from packaging that came with eggs. The Connecticut shaped rubber stamp was designed by me and is my first hand carved rubber stamp. This was from a test strip I was doing when still carving it and making the final touches on it.

Here is the 4th ATC from the lower right corner. Again you can see some of the Yankees brochure with words "Pride, Power". The die cuts, tickets, and little letters are RAKs I received. The pain chips are from Home Depot. There is the rooster's head ( I never could have chopped off his head like that on my own.) I was just thinking why does the egg carton show the rooster if it is the hen that is the sole producer of the eggs that we eat--probably it is for the beauty of the rooster; but isn't that odd when you stop to think about the rooster advertising hen's (unfertilized) eggs? The little letters that spell out 'joy' were also a RAK. There is more of the foreign language game piece text and lastly the ble at the bottom is the back of a playing card which was yet another RAK that I received.

I should share that some of the pieces were chosen for whimsy or because I liked the look of them. Others were chosen very intentionally. I chose the letter "Y" in upper case because this was on a New York Yankees background. I chose the number "1" because of the sports ranking idea that the Yankees would love to be Number 1. My collages are combination of nonsense and whimsy and intention, as well as quick picks and intentional picks; which is which is something I will leave to you to decide.

So there you have it.

Feel free to share your comments. Do you like looking at these and trying to decode them? The only thing I was trying to do with this was have fun and use the color blue and complimentary yellow highlights. I tried to keep the other colors to white, black and grey.

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