Friday, March 21, 2008

Amazon Beefing Up Gold Box Offers?

Yesterday I was on the Amazon site looking for a certain kind of book for the first time. I was browsing books about traveling to Washington D.C. and books about traveling with children to Washington D.C. After reading through some product information and customer reviews I placed some books on my wish list (whose titles I didn’t want to forget). I was unsure which to buy so considered checking the local bookstore to browse them in person, but planned to buy them for the discount price on Amazon (plus no sales tax and no shipping fees). I rated some books with some high star ratings.

I then glanced at some craft books and gave some high rating marks, placing some on my wish list.

I saw a Gold Box offer on a teaching history book that I already own and so I rated that book series with high stars and marked those that I owned. I then saw a science book in the Gold Box related to a gift book I recently purchased and rated that with high stars.

Today’s Amazon Gold Box discount offer contains both books about Washington D.C. travel and the exact craft books that I flagged with 5 star ratings, and the history book and exact science book that I just rated with five stars. Wow.

I have never seen the Gold Box react like that before. The Gold Box deals that I am being offered are 2% lower in price than their regular price.

I am just amazed by this. Perhaps before I plan to buy some books I should rate them high with star ratings then check back in the next 1-2 days to see if they appear in my Gold Box.

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