Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Busy Creating But Too Busy To Post

Just popping in to say, yes, I have been creating. My boys have been doing a lot too. I just am too busy to blog about them yet. I have been snapping digital photos in hopes that I can share those when I tell you what we have been up to.

Sneak preview:

more embroidery being done (the kids and me too)
kids doing latchhook now
made paste papers (the kids and me)
over 4 hours of Easter Egg decorating (mostly the kids doing it)
I am hand carving art stamps again.
I am half way through reading a book on screenprinting (Simple Screenprinting) and am working out a way to design a graphic for a shirt.
I tried creating a blog banner and failed, so far.
Half way through reading The Creative Life (book) by Rice Freeman-Zachary.
Taught myself felting
Re-reading books I bought in 2000 about feltmaking (two Waldorf books: Feltcraft and Magic Wool). That was back in 'the day' before YouTube, before craft blogs, back when felting was mainly done in Waldorf education circles and when we had to buy a book to learn about it.

Other creative pursuits probably not worthy of blogging entire posts about:

Older son making bread from scratch
Younger son making chocolate chip cookies from scratch
I'm trying a new Easter recipe (bread with eggs in shell in it)
My husband tried a new Asian turkey burger recipe
Might share our family's Italian Ham Pie recipe

I have finished reading and would like to blog reviews of these books:

Confessions of a Slacker Mom
The Zen of Knitting
Mixed Emulsions

I still need to do:

Make one ATC for the CMP ATC exchange for March. Theme: Perspective.

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