Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Self-Portraits From Film Speed 2008 (Photo of the Day)

I'm sharing a few photos taken on 3/29/08 on the way to and at Film Speed 2008 which was held in New Haven, Connecticut. As I shared in this post, I did this competition with my younger son.

Self portrait taken while sitting in the Dunkin Donuts drive through lane, while picking up bagels for snacks for my younger son. (above)

Below is a test shot for the scavenger hunt item #1 in which we had to do a self-portrait with our contestant number in it as well. I figured getting this #70 in the shot was too hard, as the number next to it was 72, and I worried both numbers would show, so we didn't do this for the competition. Looking at this now I see this shot came out great but it was so sunny that I couldn't see the preview screen on my camera to see if this came out. I also had no clue how that disposable camera would turn out so I gave up on the idea. We walked for another 20 minutues to find a different #70. I didn't take test shots of any other photos and just 'winged it'. I also forgot to take a digital photo of the actual submission we used. I just hope it turned out alright! I can't wait to see the final images.

Below is a self-portrait in a New Haven building. I was thinking of doing a shot like this for the scavenger hunt item 'reflection' but I did not choose to do that after all. The graininess I believe is due to the fact that the window is dirty!

Below is the shot I took when we finished the competition. We were freezing. I came up with a new acronym which I kept to myself FMAO.

By the way I consider doing this photography competition an 'art lesson' in our homeschooling adventure.

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