Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Went to FilmSpeed 2008 Reception

The other night our family attended the recepation at the photography art gallery to unveil the winners of the FilmSpeed 2008 competition.

What they did was this:

1. Gave an award to photographers who overall were the most creative, first, second and third place, and showed all the photos that person or team took

2. From all the other participants, they picked one winner in each single category

Our family attended plus my mother-in-law. We were surprised to see the onocology nurse who took care of my father-in-law during his Cancer treatment up to his passing. I think the nurse was very surprised to see us. My husband and mother-in-law were shocked to think the nurse had a photography hobby (why I do not know--no one knows what creative and artisitc endeavors people do when off duty from work).

The kids were a bit bored having glanced at the photos and then 'they were done'.

I received my packet of printed photos. I think a couple are fantastic to be honest.

If and when I can find the time I will manually scan these into the computer and will upload them to this blog along with the categories. That will probably not happen for two weeks or more though.

If the gallery does this again then I'd like to do it with an adult friend instead of with my children. It was just too cold and windy for a young child to have the expreience be 'all fun and games'. I was happy to see other kids enrolled into the competition, it was not just our family that involved a young child.

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