Thursday, May 29, 2008

Behind on Posting

I am behind on posting due to busyness.

I have been creating.

What needs to be blogged in more detail:

1. I have purchased a Diana camera from eBay.

2. I have shot one roll of film on the Diana and sent it for processing which is another story in and of itself. I'm waiting for it to come back.

3. Where does a person get gaffer's tape?

4. I have purchased a Nickelodeon Action Blaster toy camera.

5. I used my never used but bought new about 15 years ago camera which is a no name version of the Lomo Action Sampler.

6. I shot half a roll with the "Action Sampler".

7. I bought an Agfa Clack on eBay from a UK seller.

8. I bought a box of antique cameras from a tag sale including a rare form of the Brownie and some Polaroids.

9. I learned of the Polaroid film change. They are still being made by Fuji now.

10. I bought some Polaroid 669 film locally.

11. I shot some photos with my Polaroid Colorpack II and my Polaroid Colorpack IV.

12. The best camera I own for a Polaroid was the one I got for FREE.

13. I just finished reading Michelle Bates' book on toy cameras which I will do a book review on.

14. I shot half a roll (roll #2) with my Lomo Fisheye camera.

15. I decided the Diana was more appealing to me than the Holga for now. I am starting with the Diana and will see how the photos turn out. Later on if I feel I need more cameras I'll buy a new Holga.

16. I am more tempted with the full fisheye circle of the Holga Fisheye lens than the Lomo Fisheye camera that I own right now.

All those things deserve their own blog posts!! If I only had the time!!

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