Saturday, May 31, 2008

Link to a Lomo Rant

I learned some interesting things in this article including that I don't have to buy a Lomo pinhole camera but can convert a cheap ($1-2) plastic 35 mm camera to a pinhole myself.

I have been stumbling upon those plastic 35 mm cameras with no batteries at thrift shops and Goodwill ranging from 50 cents to $4. I find Goodwill overprices, selling those for $3-$4 and as a comparision, selling a Kodak Instamatic for $7. Does anyone really want a Kodak Instamatic that takes 110 film for $7? On the good side I came across a Canon (film) SLR, a zoom that goes to 210mm and a flash in a case for $25 at a Goodwill the other day. (I didn't buy it as I still have my old Minolta from the 1980s and I inherited two manual SLRs and also two Minolta Maxxim's.)

Lomo Rant

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