Saturday, May 17, 2008

Trying To Knit

Summary of recent events:


Monday, daytime: A homeschool mom taught me to knit, gave me a pair of knitting needles and some wool yarn. I could do it when I was there. The plan is to make an easy felted bag. The reason for felting it is so that the messy stitches will not show in the final product.

Monday, nighttime: Could not knit. Gave up.

Tuesday: Watching videos on, not working. Watched videos on to learn to cast on. I thought it was working. Knitted about 45 minutes. It looked horrid. Ripped it out. Went to sleep.

Busy and feeling discouraged. Didn't touch the knitting needles.

Thursday: Watched videos again. I think I got the cast on. I think I got the continental stitch. Knitted while waiting for kids to arrive from carpool. Later that night, it looked horrid. Ripped it all out.

Friday: Tried casting on again by the YouTube directions. Not working. Bought a book on knitting and felting. Read the book's ridiculously short directions. Realized I had been doing something very wrong after seeing the videos. Started all over again. I think it is working.

Saturday (today): Looked at my work and found some odd tangles and a mess. Don't know how to fix it. Ripped it out. While kids playing in a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament, using the book, I casted on and did three rows. It looked horrid. Ripped it out. Casted on again and did four rows. There are things very wrong happening. I gave up and put it away. Read a magazine to pass the time (Somerset Studio May-June 2008 issue).

Not sure if there is any hope for me at this point. I think I should hang out with a knitter and knit for a while and if I make an error they can help me right then and there.

Homeschool mom friend recommends me to go to weekly Knit and Bitch gatherings that are held one town over. Not sure I have time to make it at those exact times.

I really want to learn to do this. Really I do.

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Jessica C said...

Hang in there... stick with it... I became INTERESTED in knitting over a year ago and bought materials and tried stuff and failed. Then I started taking classes at my local knitting shop and now I feel like I can do ANYTHING! Consider a more formal class? Also, I bought "knitting for dummies" and that has helped me with ANY odd things in patterns that I do not understand. GOOD LUCK HON!