Friday, November 17, 2006

Dadaist Postcard: Summer Fun

Here is another Dadaist postcard that I made for a swap of that theme for

We were to select a paragraph or two from a newspaper article, cut up each word, "put them ina hat" ranomly select each word and to glue them down in the order they came out of the "hat".

I chose a newspaper article which described a new summer camp for special needs children which a nearby town was offering for the first time.

The background of this postcard is acyclic paints which I applied using a stipple brush.

I thought the pretty blue colors with pastel yellow and pink accents was summer-like.

I added a packing tape transfer of a photograph from the newspaper article which shows children playing. The odd thing is that the transfer was clear and bright but after application against this colored background it is hard to figure out what is depicted. Oh well.

The base is the cardboard of a recycled cereal box.

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