Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Collage: Scotland/Ireland

I made this 5x7 inch mixed-media collage today.

The base is a recycled piece of cardboard from TGI Friday’s Potato Skins.

The background was given to me by a participant in an ATC swap which I hosted, whose name is Maureen B. I also added some other collage elements from Maureen B.

There is a piece of magenta colored lace fabric in the upper right hand corner.

I liked the background so much that I had trouble covering it up!

The black blocks are stickers from the sides of postage stamps (from the packaging).

I used tiny cut-out’s from a Dover Publishing book catalog, going with the theme of celtic and medieval images.

Snippets of text were cut from junk mail that I had received. The hopefully inspirational messages were actually from an ad from Sears trying to convince us to remodel our kitchen (hilarious)!

As you can see there is a piece of a round playing card. I own a deck of this but I think this one card was also a gift from either Maureen or another ATC swap participant.

Maureen also gave me the moon face which I believe she printed on her computer printer directly onto acetone, or it may be that plastic for an overhead projector (or are they the same thing?).

Someone, it could have been Maureen, gave me those silver stickers which actually are raised up and have a texture to them (the four leaf clover, the cross and the bow).

The adhesive I used was Golden acrylic gel medium in soft gloss. I also used it as a top coat.

Since the heat is on in the house it is very dry and this has completely dried in about two hours.

I love the background especially the color of that yellow in the map. I like the type of illustration on that background map as well as the font type.

Originally I was going to use rubber stamps or painted effects on top of the collaged elements but in the end I didn’t think it needed any further embellishment.

The original intent for this piece was to be a collage which would be cut into four ATCs. However I really like how it looks as one piece and I may just keep it for myself.

I have been thinking of starting an art journal just for myself to keep and if I do something like this could be added in as one page in the artist journal.

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