Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lisa Vollrath’s New Websites

Artist Lisa Vollrath has some new websites. One is called In order to gain full access to the site users must agree to the terms of use, then must register with a username and password.

One of the terms which is a bit gray to me is that we are not supposed to sell anything we make based on the directions on the site. My only complaint with this is that if the technique is not unique and patented by Lisa Vollrath I don’t see how this makes sense. For example last month I read on a blog about one inch collages. I then linked from that blog to many other blogs talking about the technique and showing many different unique one inch collages. Never along the way did I see any references about Lisa Vollrath. I see today that on there are directions for those same collages. I don’t see how it is possible to expect me to promise to never sell one? I have NEVER sold an art piece of mine and don’t know if I ever will. But, I don’t know, something bothered me about that rule.

I joined the new site: and looked around a bit today after our Thanksgiving guests left. The site is small so far but is interesting and gave me some enthusiasm to really get going and to make something.

I am grateful that the site is free. I can’t wait for the site to grow even more.

I see also that Lisa Vollrath has another site, and also she has now password protected her original sites, and Ten Two

I encourage you to go check out Lisa’s sites if you want some interesting ideas.

The thing I have always appreciated the most about Lisa Vollrath’s site is the detailed directions along with the photographs of each step along the way.

By the way Lisa Vollrath sells CD-ROMs of various images and antique photographs. She also sells some CD-ROMs of instructions on how to make various arts and crafts. I purchased a $10 disk that contains information to teach how to make metal jewelry with soldering. That will be one of my Christmas gifts for me. Hooray!

Lisa Vollrath also publishes an e-newsletter.

So anyway go over there and get some inspiration and then buy some of her stuff from her!

I mention Lisa Vollrath's sites not because I earn a commission from the referral but just because I thought you may want to know about these changes in her sites and also of the various cool things she sells.

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Lisa said...

Christine, thanks for the good word about the new sites.

To clarify the Terms of Service thing: the language about using what I write for personal, non-commercial use is there to keep the site dedicated to folks who just want to learn to make stuff for fun---and discourage those who read what I write because they're looking for product ideas. It makes me happy to inspire people to make things, but I get really discouraged when I post patterns, and see items made from those patterns posted on eBay three days later.

My thinking is that if you want to sell your art, it should be your original work---so, seeing something inspired by my writing being sold doesn't bother me, but seeing something made from my instructions really does. Does that make sense?