Monday, August 06, 2007

A.C. Moore Coupon Rule Change

Well this stinks. I just noticed that this weeks A.C. Moore coupon has added more things that cannot be discounted to their list. In the past it was the one or two very expensive die cutter machines (that I don’t own nor want), so I didn’t care about that restriction.

This week they have added magazines as one more thing that can’t have the coupon applied. That is a problem for me. For the last two years, I was using that coupon to buy Somerset Studio and also the Somerset Studio Gallery and Somerset Workshop publications. Since the Workshop is priced at $14.95 the 40% or 50% coupon was a huge help in making those publications affordable for me. Also the price to buy it at the store with a 40% or especially the 50% discount made the cost lower than the subscription price. Also since the regular SS magazine costs $7.95, the 40% or 50% discount was nice to get!

In the past I have not been able to find SS Gallery or SS Workshop at Michael’s Craft Store to buy with the coupon. The regular issues of SS are not in large supply at Michael’s so often I can’t find them there at all to purchase, and was forced to go to A.C. Moore.

On another side note about finding these magazines at a discount, Borders and Barnes & Noble bookstores don’t let teachers (and homeschoolers) use their educator discount on any of the magazines they sell. This includes the Somerset Studio Workshop, which in content, is more like a book as it is a book of “how to” instructions that can be used with children. Oh well, it was worth a try.

I guess if I want to get the magazines at a discount now I’ll have to buy a subscription. And I have no prospects for buying the SS Gallery or the SS Workshop, for a discount.

Or I wonder if A.C. Moore’s Moonlight Madness sales on selected Sunday nights that give 25% off everything in the store that is not already on sale would still apply to magazines?

I am so disappointed by this change in the coupon. Sigh.

A.C. Moore still publishes their weekly coupon online. You can find the most recent coupon by doing a Google search for “AC Moore weekly coupon” and the link will come up. This is good for people like me who do not buy a local city newspaper on Sunday so we don’t have access to the weekly sales flyer in paper form. The A.C. Moore website also has their full sales flyer online to read from home.

Michael’s Craft store accepts competitor’s coupons but they must be from the actual newspaper, they don’t take the A.C. Moore coupon that you print off from the Internet.

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