Sunday, August 26, 2007

My ATCs: Gesso and Magazine Image Technique

Here are the six finished ATCs all made with a "gesso and magazine image" technique which I learned about in the book "Artist Trading Card Workshop" by Bernie Berlin.

I made these for a swap on Swap-bot. These have flown to my swap partners in California and Australia.

How did I find the time to make these with summer busy-ness? I did the work in stages.

Twice while watching television with my family I multi-tasked by flipping through magazines and tearing out pages which I thought would fit well onto the small ATC size.

On another day I narrowed down the selections making sure the image would fit onto the small canvas size. I then adhered the image to thin cardboard (recycled food boxes usually). They were left for a few days to dry thoroughly.

Then I applied the gesso (white) and let that dry for a number of days.

On another day I used a Sharpie marker to outline what I wanted to highlight.

I then was busy and not home much. One day I woke up earlier than everyone else and sat down in the quiet house to paint with acrylic craft paints.

Some of these have straight paint. Some of them I painted then wiped it off a bit with my finger or a dry paintbrush as the color was not sheer enough. I used a paintbrush and also other times painted with my fingetip. I also used the end of the paintbrush dipped into paint to make round circles for some of the eyes.

The face-ATC below is my least favorite.

Okay, now for the jewel-encrusted skulls!

One thing I want to explain about the skulls is they are what seems to me to be odd pieces of jewelry. They are goth-inspired jewelry and each costs over one thousand dollars! They were three dimensional and cut out of jade or something like a sculputure then they were encrusted with real gems. I found them bizarre looking and though they would make a different subject matter than always using women's faces.

As I mentioned earlier I learned this technique from the Bernie Berlin book "Artist Trading Card Workshop". I am enjoying making ATCs with techniques in this book.

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