Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Made Time For Clay Play (photo of the day)

Apparently yesterday my boys were already feeling that I was pushing too hard on the typical homeschooling lessons, and they asked to play with air-drying clay. Hey, that is art class!

So instead of doing math as planned, in the morning we played with clay.

There is something very special about playing with this clay. This is the type that you add water with a sponge or your figertips to make it wetter and to work with it. My boys have always liked to play with it, it is a very different and fun tactile experience.

I want to also state that this was open-ended. I let them play with it as they wanted.

My older son made a bunch of different sculptures like rockets and shapes and pinch pots. In the end he balled those up and made a wishing well, including sides that look like rocks, and a little pail. When they are dry we will use fishing line to attach the pail to the wishing well.

My younger son made a bowl, pinch pot style, about eight inches across.

They did all the clean-up themselves, too.

They had a lot of fun with that!

As for me I liked the pattern left in the big clay block and snapped a photo of it.

I bought this block of clay in a 25 pound box at A.C. Moore for, I think, $20 retail. A worthwhile investment. And if you do buy it there, use their weekly 40% or 50% off coupon for even more savings.

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