Friday, September 07, 2007

When Too Busy, Still Can't Do Everything

I am so annoyed right now. Joseph Cornell is one of my favorite artists. Back in May I heard that there was a special exhibit up in Salem, Mass. of his artwork including 30 never-before-seen works. I made a mental note to go see the exhibit. In my mind I'd take a Saturday or Sunday and drive up there alone (or with a friend) to see the exhibit.

In my memory was an exhibit ending date of October 2007.

Now that our family's busy summer has ended, now that we've had one week of our 'fall'--new school year---with its lighter than ever 'outside events' load, there is time in the schedule to do more things, for myself, that is. I have more time to catch up on projects, just relax, read books and such.

A few days ago our family committed tomorrow to helping my in-laws do a project. Those plans were just cancelled by another relative. So now the day is empty. A perfect chance to go see the exhibit. So I logged back on the Internet to get the information. And I find out that the exhibit ended August 17th.


This is an example of how when a family (or a mother) is too busy, some of the things that a person wants to get done, don't actually end up happening in real life. This exhibit, without a firm appointment that I 'must' do, got pushed and pushed off until it was too late.

And now I resent it.

This is another reminder that a light schedule is best for everyone in the family. We all need room to breathe, to do things like see a museum exhibit of an artist whose work we love, to do special events like see a traveling exhibit.

In Episode #63, Creative Mom Amy talks of how we mothers must find the time in the margins of life, to carve little bits of time out to pursue the things we really want to do. Amy said she plans 15 minutes of sketching in her artist journal each day. Another important message in the Creative Mom Podcast Episode #63 is to be gentle on ourselves, set realistic goals and be happy when small steps are taken, not to criticize ourselves for not reaching goals which are too high.

I am looking forward to a fall with less appointments, time to catch up on fun stuff and important things. I actually want to file the important papers in file folders. I actually want to get that mammogram that I am now behind schedule in getting. I actually want to do serious exercise workouts. I want time to do what I think needs to be done as well as what I feel I want to do for personal enrichment and for plain old fun.

Note the Joseph Cornell exhibit is on its way to San Fran. So if you are out there and you like his work, please don't make the mistake I made--make the time to go see it.

Info on the exhibit, in case you were interested--

Joseph Cornell: Navigating the Imagination

APRIL 28, 2007 THROUGH AUGUST 19, 2007
Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA

"Joseph Cornell is one of America’s most innovative modern artists, known for his distinctive box sculptures, collages and experimental films that continue to influence many artists, writers, poets, filmmakers and designers. Co-organized by PEM and The Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM) and curated by PEM chief curator, Lynda Hartigan, the exhibition represents the first major retrospective of this American master in 26 years. It features 180 of Cornell’s artworks—making PEM the largest venue for this touring exhibition, including 30 pieces on public view for the first time. Works in Navigating the Imagination were borrowed from an international array of public and private collections. The exhibition travels to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (Oct. 6, 2007--Jan. 6, 2008)."

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