Saturday, September 29, 2007

Night Photography Fun (Photo of the Day)

When bored in the car, when I'm a passenger, at night, I've been fooling around with existing light photography, with my digital camera. I put the camera on the existing light setting and shut the flash off. I aim the camera at lights, and move the camera around. It is fun to see what the result is.

Another fun thing is to try to hold the camera still while driving past lighted signs or stores lit with light at night. It makes a big smear of colored lines.

My seven year old then picked up on this. He asked, and I let him play with the camera in this way. We then laugh at the outcome of the photos. Good clean fun.

All photos taken by ChristineMM, August and September 2007, in Cape Cod and in Connecticut.

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Average Jane Crafter said...

These are fantastic! So beautiful and fun. Thanks for sharing them with the CMP group. :)