Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dominoes for Altering, Cheap at KB Toys

I used to sometimes stumble upon small sets of Dominoes at various dollar stores. I have not found any at dollar stores in quite some time now.

I was at KB Toys last week to buy a birthday gift for a child. I saw in the board game section that they had large sets of white resin dominoes which are perfect for altering. Some were about 100 dominoes for $10. Others were 140 for about $13. That comes to about 9 or 10 cents per domino. Suddenly looking for a dozen dominoes in a dollar store (for $1) is not so important.

KB Toys also had jumbo sized dominoes so they had two different sizes to choose from. Note that 6:6 dominoes are sometimes smaller than the 9:9 and the 12:12.

I noticed that the price tags indicated these were placed on the shelves 15 and 16 months ago so these are not moving quickly at all.

Sometimes KB Toys has a sale on ‘all games’ a certain percent off, so if you find this you will save even more money. (Check on their website to view the current weeks' sales flyer.)

So those of you who like to alter dominoes should check out not only your local dollar stores but also KB Toys.

Here is a former blog post I wrote about my first attempt at altering dominoes.

These are the dominoes which I altered back in June 2006 which I discussed in the above post. All the rubber stamps used to make the below altered dominoes are from Zettiology.

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