Friday, October 19, 2007

So That Explains the Blogger Problems This Week

For about four days there have been glitches with Blogger with publishing images. Whenever these problems happen there is usually no communication from Blogger staff to us Blogger customers.

Well today I see a new button on my toolbar, a formatting eraser tool. Well that explains it!

I have noticed a pattern in the past when I've had problems publishing or viewing my blog, a few days to a couple of weeks later suddenly there is a new function unveiled. There is still no communication about 'the old problem' as well as no apologies. But the 'old problem' ususally disappears at that point.

Yesterday I could not view all the previously uploaded photos on my blog unless I double clicked on them and then I'd see the very large image (so I knew the image was really there).

Today I am unable to publish photos. Sigh.

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