Friday, October 12, 2007

Younger Son Running on the Beach (Photo of the Day)

My younger son, aged four, running at a bay-side beach, on an overcast, chilly day, Mid-Cape, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

What I like about this photo is that it captures the true freedom which I give my children to enjoy their childhood. I am glad the camera captured this scene accurately. This was 'nothing special', it was just a typical day for us, which included running and playing. However, I always try to capture in photographs, our real lives, so that I can remember these simple times, and what my kids were like when they were children, as it is true, that they seem to grow up and get big so quickly.

We usually go to Cape Cod two or three times a year and stay at my in-laws place which is a Mid-Cape town.

Photo taken by ChristineMM in July 2004.

(I'm going through old photos from 2004, can't you tell?)

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