Monday, October 08, 2007

A Road in My Town(Photo of the Day)

This is a typical road in my town. This is usually what I see when I am driving around in this town because there is so much protected watershed land here. While that is one thing that made me move here, I realized that after some time, I was taking these views for granted. After a while it just seems like woods, woods, and more woods. However I snapped out of that mindset, because I realized that compared to many different, other views that could exist, this is wonderful.

Photo taken 10/07/07 in my town, Fairfield County, Connecticut by ChristineMM.

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Adrienne's Art said...

Beautiful photograph ... I'm glad you don't take it for granted -- here in West Texas trees are small, few, and far between! I enjoyed looking at all your ATC's. My art club is doing an ongoing ATC swap using the Bernie Berlin book. ps-I also have a 7-yr old (daughter).