Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Seeing Value Part 3

While folding laundry I watch Real Housewives to entertain me through that tedius mind numbing task. I was watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. If you are not a viewer, I'll explain that the women are dressed up with full make up and sittng in bright lighting on couches being interviewed for three hours.

While watching I was seeing their lips and thinking of the value and how to draw them. I decided to write this out in case anyone is reading this and is curious how to think about value. The exception which I will not talk about is the overly modified lips of one of the housewives. For the rest of the women with natural lips, they shared a common value scale.

You can google images of the reunion show to compare what I am explaining if you like.

There are three main dark areas, the top of the lip line, the bottom and the deepest value is the line where the lips meet. The top lip is darker than the bottom lip. The upper lip has a reflection or shiny spot where their lipstick relfects the bright lights. For the bottom lip under the darkest line is a light stripe and then below running the whole length is one shade darker in value caused by the shadow. The bottom lip also has a bright spot of reflected light. In all there are at least five shades, if not six, plus the brightest white reflected part. There is cast shadow in the corners of the mouth on the face and also below the lips on the face. Each woman's lips are a bit different with which value goes where, depending on if their lips are plump or flatish and of course the shade of lipstick matters.

This is what runs through my mind now when I am trying to just watch a TV show to unwind or to pass the time while folding laundry.

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