Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Seeing Value Part 2

In my sketch book one night while about 2/3 through my Drawing I class, I drew a female model's face from a photo in a magazine. I drew it a few days later and there was a big difference. I do see that I am now seeing value more. That shift is happening where I see value in everything I see. I remember when I was first taking a lot of photos. I was getting good at composition then this got in the way of me just enjoying the experience. I was at Epcot and all my brain was seeing was, "This would be a great shot" and "If I got in close there it would be an interesting abstraction." I felt my vacation was kind of ruined by my new ability to see. I was not just having fun with my friends and chatting, I had this commentary going on inside my mind. That is happening now with value. I don't just see the plants in the garden I am thinking in my head, "That's a mid point value and that side of the leaf is darker then there is a very bright spot where the sun is reflecting". I can't really stop this type of thinking from happening, it just happens. On the one hand this is good but on the other such thoughts are intrusive to just living and just looking around at my surroundings and enjoying just being in the world. I don't know if that makes sense to you.

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