Sunday, May 15, 2016

Why I Chose To Take a College Class in Drawing

I finished my Drawing I class at community college this week. Really what I want to do is paint well, but I realized that painting is a problem if you do not know enough of the foundations of art. I realized by reading course descriptions and reading about learning about art making that the base foundations are traditionally taught in Drawing I. Even if you do not want to draw all the time, by taking drawing classes you learn the foundations that are the groundwork for being able to paint, whether you are painting landscapes, cityscapes, nature scenes, portraits or other scenes with people in them. So I decided to take Drawing I at a local community college. It's about a 15 minute drive on backroads and it has free parking in a safe area and the class was $250 plus textbook expenses, so I figured it was worth a try.

I almost forgot to explain why I chose an in-person course. There are four main reasons:

1. I have tried teaching myself to draw from books but when I get to certain recommendations or exercises they scare me or bore me so I don't do them. I realize drawing gets better with practice but left to my own I choose to not do the repetitive work. I felt if I had classes to show up to and assignments due then I would push through and meet the deadlines. I missed only two classes when I was out of town.

2. I realized that I could not judge my own work or see my own errors. I wanted an actual live human being to work with me to point out my errors and give advice on how I could improve.

3. I tend to quit when something gets unexciting when I am working completely alone under my own guidance. With a formal class structure and routine, I would have a finite start and end date and I would not quit the class.

4. Having taken various one off workshops I realized they are not enough to teach the basic foundations of making art. I needed the base bones. In a future blog post I will explain my personal goals more.

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