Friday, May 13, 2016

The Other Blog

At almost eleven years of daily blogging, six months ago I set my main blog to private. The reason is I found out that members of my 15 year old son's sport team were reading it and making fun of my son including downloading his childhood photos and posting those on social media sites to make fun of him. This was not bullying per se but teaing between close acquaintences, typical snarky teen behavior in this day of having so much up online.

It was never my intention for my blog to be fodder for my kids to be made fun of or for any negativity to enter their life due to my published content so I set it to private.

I have written nothing really since then. Writing used to be an outlet for me. I have been relying on phone calls and face to face time with real life friends to vent. I vent a little on Facebook but have tried to not be a source of negative energy or toxicity in people's lives. I used to rant a lot in my blog. As I get older I don't want to contribute to the negativity in the world, there is just so much bad out there and we need less exposure to the problems and more about things that lift us up.

I did a college drawing class January through last week. I decided to publish my notes and some drawings here on this blog.

In another post I will address my soap selling business of the last two years which is still in business but I now regret ever having started. That is another story for another day. The learning and doing of the business took up a lot of my energy and time in the last three years. Since sales were low I shifted over from putting my creative energy only into making product that does not sell to doing something else like learning to draw.

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