Monday, January 16, 2006

Made Five ATCs for Lynne Today

Today I worked on making some ATCs for a new member (named Lynne) of an ATC chat list who suffered a stroke. I do not know this person but learned of this through Lynne's friend who posted an email to the Group about Lynne's condition. This hit too close to home as she is the same age as I am (38). She lives in an area close to where my mother grew up (in another state). I was just there last week.

I made five ATCs to send to her with a typical Get Well card. As I made these I was praying for a full recovery for Lynne and I was also praying for her family and friends to remain strong and keep their thoughts and prayers positive and hopeful. I feel strongly that prayer can help healing and that conversely, negative or pessimistic thoughts can hinder healing.

Things didn't go so smoothly today for making these ATCs. To get five good ATCs I made mistakes and messed up four others.

All five ATCs were made on watercolor paper with a watercolor painted background. Some were rubber stamped with text messages which I wanted to be the primary focus of the ATC. Some were hand written by me and are quotes from my favorite hymn which is called "Through the Love of God Our Savior" and is Hymn #350 from the Christian Science Hymnal. That hymn can be read and the tune can be heard here. Because I wanted the ATCs to have a clear message these are more text-focused rather than being centered around visual images.

My creative juices are flowing now and after I post this I want to go make more ATCs, perhaps with collage. I also want to do more experimenting with painting with tinted acrylic glaze.

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