Monday, January 16, 2006

My ATC: All Will Be Well #1

"All Will Be Well #1"

This ATC has a background of watercolor paint on watercolor paper. I wrote some lines from my favorite hymn "Through the Love of God Our Savior" by Mary B. Peters. I wrote it with a calligraphy pen and ink.I was annoyed to see the ink bleeding into the paper. I then rubber stamped over the whole thing with a large rubber stamp of botanical images. The color was too bright so I painted over it with a glaze which was tinted yellow, however, that smeared everything a little, just enough to be bothersome to read. As a last ditch effort I re-wrote over the original text with a drawing pen. I thought it was now alright to read. I finished by making a border by dragging the edges of the ATC on a rubber stamp ink pad in the same color green as I used for the botanical print stamp.

One note is that for whatever reason the colors on my computer screen are not accurate. The real ATC has a deep and more orange tone. What I see on my screen is a bit more garish and more yellow. If the real thing really looked like this I would throw it away!

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