Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My ATC: Easter 1938

ATC Title: Easter 1938

This ATC was made for a swap called "Found Photos". The hostess sent me some antique photos. I was to make five ATCs from those photos. The photos were to be originals, not copies.

This photo was larger than the ATC size so I had to reduce it in some way. I decided it looked better to cut the girl out rather than to make a rectangle shape. She was standing on steps that led to a doorway of a house. The back of the photo had a date in 1938 which was from the spring. The way she was dressed made me think perhaps this was Easter and this was her Easter dress. It could have been any other day but people usually took photos of their children in their new Easter outfits.

The background is watercolor paper which I painted upon with watercolors. The blue is an oil pastel crayon. The black ink is a permanent drawing pen ink with my own handwriting.

I wanted something else to fill the ATC so looked through an old Hermes tie catalog. I found the images of the Easter bunnies and eggs in that catalog. Yes, those are designs from a Hermes men's tie. I would have preferred to have antique images of Easter themed things, but when I tried printing images from the internet on my home printer they were a terrible quality. The quality of my home laser printer is just terrible. The copies showed too many pixels.

I liked the way the ATC turned out. I am still wondering what the little girl is thinking, though!

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