Sunday, February 12, 2006

Don't Use Construction Paper!

On an ATC chat list there was a discussion of poor quality ATCs. I saw a couple of people mention construction paper was being used for making ATCs. I have not received any construction paper ATCs in the swaps that I participated in. I was really surprised. I was surprised to think that maybe someone doesn't know how poor quality construction paper is?

I think that construction paper should be avoided at all costs. First off it fades unbelievably over time. If it is even near the sun it will fade. Some people use it in place of 'solar paper' for sun print making!

Construction paper has a high acid content. It also just falls apart over time even if it is not touched or handled roughly. I have witnessed this first hand.

There are a lot of cheap papers that can be bought in bulk at the craft store that are acid free. Now I am not saying that I always use acid free paper because I don't, because I often use old original papers from magazines or newspapers or books, and those do have acid, but when I buy new store bought paper (colored paper or card stock), I buy acid free. The craft stores also sell lovely handmade paper which is acid free and affordable. I have bought colored cardstock for as low as 2 cents per sheet which is pretty darn cheap, isn't it?

So I say to avoid construction paper for making ATCs or anything that you want to keep.

Construction paper may be alright for something like crafts for preschool aged children which a parent intends to throw it away after a shore while, but that is about it.

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