Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Make the Art You Like

I had some creative block on Sunday while making ATCs. I was snowed in due to the big blizzard that hit my area.

As I made ATCs for a swap I was worrying that some may not like my choice, or think they were too plain, or not embellished enough. The worry of it hindered my ability to have fun. I gave up a couple of times and walked away to do other things.

It was a shame that I felt that way because I had all the time I wanted that day to make art but was unable to do it.

Last night before bed I began re-reading some articles in the most recent issue of Art and Life (a zine published by Teesha Moore and Tracy Moore). I was reading about making art that makes us happy rather than feeling constrained by worry of what others will think. I also chuckled at one part where it was mentioned that perhaps we should move away from trying to copy what others are doing, such as having our finished pieces all look like they came out of the pages of Somerset Studios magazine.

Recently I made a lot of ATCs from ads in the pages of Mechanix Illustrated magazine. I know they are different than what most people are making. However they are vintage, authentic vintage at that, which is very trendy at this point. I was surprised that I am having a hard time arranging private swaps for these. I thought more people would:
1. compliment me on them
2. want to own them

Oh well. I had fun making them and I like them so that is all that really matters. I am trying not to think about the fact that people must not like them!

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