Saturday, July 22, 2006

Duck Collage I Made On 7/21/06


I was able to upload an image to Blogger! I had to resize it to 50 dpi in Photoshop before the system would let me upload.

So here is a collage that I made late yesterday afternoon. I was resting and had a terrible headache but managed to make this.

The intention (in a few minutes) is for me to slice this into six artist trading cards (ATCs).

I will explain how I made this. I will upload images of the individual ATCs at a later time.

The base is a recycled food product box. I covered the cardboard with two pages ripped out of a children’s science book about birds. The book was purchased for 25 cents from a tag sale. It reeks of mildew and I cannot bear to read it as a book. The illustrations are gorgeous so I am using them to make artwork. After I seal this no one will be affected by the mildew odor. (Actually now that it is ripped out of the book it doesn’t smell too badly.)

I used some illustrations from a Golden brand insect field guide. That was falling apart and I picked it up at a library sale for 50 cents. I figured that is less than buying scrapbook papers in a craft shop. Images of the rose, the insects and the small maps of the United States of America are from that book.

The other two map images are from two different small world atlases that I own. One was a gift from some company as a promotional item and the other was an old falling apart book that I bought for 10 cents at a local used book shop.

I used scraps of paint chips. Most of those paint chips were used to make other ATCs earlier this year.

I used a postage stamp that came off of some junk mail that I received. I used a cancelled stamp with a tiger on it which was from the sample packet that a postage stamp collecting company sent me.

The music score was from $5 per bag day at a library fundraiser book sale, it was old sheet music that was falling apart.

I took a color illustration of a famous painting from a book of Impressionists paintings and cut it up to add some little colorful graphics to the collage, when I was near the end.

Also appearing is a listing of the index from the bird book, a list of natural resources from one of the atlases, part of an ad from a 1960s magazine. The phrase about dealing with feelings is from a book I got at a library book sale which is called something like “How to please your husband”. The scraps of Asian paper were given to me by another ATC trader.

So that is that. I hope you enjoy it.

I wonder what it will look like after I cut it into six ATCs?

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