Thursday, May 10, 2007

Going To Try SoulCollage

Last May with birthday money I bought myself the book “SoulCollage” by Seena B. Frost. (Yes, SoulCollage is one word). I glanced through the book when it arrived but felt confused so shelved it.

About six months ago I read a bit more and still felt confused so shelved it.

Last month I pulled it out and started reading it again. There is something about this book and my brain that was not and is not clicking. I had trouble reading this from the beginning and going in a chronological order. What I then tried was to skip around the book reading a bit from here and a bit from there. I think I am “getting it” a bit more now.

One thing I was confused about is the question is a SoulCollage deck something like a Tarot Card deck for divination purposes? I thought maybe so. However upon reading the book I see the book is also used in Bible study groups and by Christians and therefore it is not some fortune telling or future divination tool. It is more like a way to make visual representations of things in our life or emotions or people who influence us. Then the cards are used in some way to provide opportunities for self-reflection.

The thing I am most confused about at this point is how do we know the cards to make up. For example is there is a list of cards that must be made in order for this to make sense? Should there be a certain number of cards? Are some of the subjects of the cards optional and to be defined by us? Those are the things I still don’t get.

I was thinking of making them more for the collage and to represent parts of myself then to use it for some kind of card game or card reading activity.

In order for the cards to be sturdy and to hold up over time I see that the author recommends we use matboard. They sell precut matboard on the SoulCollage website but at 12 cards for $10 plus shipping that is a bit too steep for me. I wonder if I can buy the matboard at a craft shop and cut it myself. I worry that my paper cutter is not adequate for cutting matboard. Perhaps Michael’s craft store would slice it for me? I need to look into this.

I have a lot of source material, magazines and images already in my home that I can cut up to make these collages with. I have the adhesive already on hand. All I need is the base matboard and I can jump in.

I wish there was a group around here that I could join to make these as a group. The idea of sitting around and chatting and having fun time with friends while doing this sounds great to me. I don’t feel that I understand enough about SoulCollage to start a local group.

I wonder if there is online chat for SoulCollage participants. I am going to check that out now. If there is perhaps they could answer some of my questions.

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Anne Marie said...

Hi Christine! Great post, and great questions. I see that you just signed up for the KaleidoSoul SoulCollage Yahoo Group....and wanted to say welcome. I won't try to answer all of your ?'s here, but if you post a few of them at a time on the board, you will get answers.

Also, in the meantime... please feel free to use all of the info on my site:, which is dedicated to the art and practice of SoulCollage. You will find everything you need to get started there.

I have written an e-workbook called SWIMMING IN TO SOULCOLLAGE that talks you thru the steps of getting started with your cards, and using bits and pieces of Seena's book along with the workbook. This workbook has her blessing, by the way. I found that there is SO much in her book... that it can be hard at first to actually GET STARTED making cards. So I've pulled out the most important stuff and made it a simple easy process to begin.

I'm a trained SoulCollage facilitator.... please email me if you have any more questions. I also moderate the Yahoo group that you just signed up for... so I'll see you there!

Peace, joy,
Anne Marie Bennett

PS I'm also leading a tele-class on May 18 that you might be interested in. It's all on my site.

Viki said...

Hi Christine,
I have been interested in Soul Collage for a few years, but I haven't bought the book, just looked at a few sights. This idea was one of the reasons I got into ATC's!
Thanks for reminding me of a past obsession.