Monday, May 21, 2007

New Scrapbooking Supplies at A.C. Moore (and Old Products on 50% off Sale)

I made a quick trip to A.C. Moore last week to buy a magazine with a 40% off coupon (Somerset Studios).

While there I noticed that an employee was stocking an empty aisle with scrapbooking supplies that were all marked 50% off. There were boxes on the floor of the old product, all marked at 50% off. I asked her what she was up to.

The employee explained that A.C. Moore is getting ready to change over a lot of their scrapbooking supplies and that all the old stuff was going to be sold for 50% off as a final clearance sale, to make room for the new supplies.

What I saw on sale were over a hundred scrapbooking papers, die cut punches, and various tools. I picked up a set of alphabet letters to emboss with for $5. So far I have used these on metal tape to make ATCs with. I have always wanted a set like this and I figured for $5 it was worth it to just buy it now.

Since the aisle was not yet set up and since I was worried of over-spending I picked up that one item from a box, and got the heck out of there.

But for anyone who does scrapbooking or other paper crafts that uses supplies like these in their artwork, head on over to your local A.C. Moore and see what they have on final clearance!

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